Don't miss our July offer "Grow Green Fe"!

Grow Green Fe is a combination of 3 vital nutrients needed for turf growth. It stimulates the photosynthesis process,  which prompts the green leaf color without promoting excessive top growth (less mowing!). Our monthly products are built around the philosophy that a healthy soil grows a healthy plant! 
The ingredients we use are safe for you, your family and pets. We use natural ingredients that enhance  the soils ability to provide a healthy environment for your turf to thrive. By applying plant food in small doses at short intervals to provide what the plant needs when it needs it, you can maintain a great looking lawn without excessive fertilizer use. Shipping is FREE, and you will also receive our refillable hose end sprayer. 
One bottle covers 4000 sqf


Empire Zoysia, Celebration Bermuda, Palmetto St. Augustine plugs are back!

We have your Sod and Plugs!

Freshly cut, certified sod delivered & offset curbside to any address in Florida

Grass plugs shipped conveniently to your front door via UPS


Our Lawn Nutrition Program

Healthy soil grows healthy grass! 
Receive the ideal product each month to maintain healthy, beautiful grass; simply connect to your garden hose, then spray to distribute!


Turf Consulting, find out what is wrong!

Invite one of our experts to evaluate your yard, perform tests, and make recommendations to keep it in optimal health.


Our Promise to you

It is our sincere hope that our products and services exceed your expectations and trust you find our customer service to be prompt and courteous.
We believe there is great wisdom in investing hard earned dollars in value not just price and strive to provide the same for you with your purchase.