Centipede Grass Plugs 

Plugs, Centipede Grass Plugs

catalog # PL009

Each box contains 72 premium grass plugs that are each about 3 inches square and set in 4 trays with 18 plugs per tray. They are shipped Mondays or Tuesdays via UPS and arrive within 2-3 days. Tracking information will be sent so that arrival can be anticipated. Once received, open the box & separate the 4 trays outdoors so the plants can get fresh air, sunshine & water. Preferably, transplant them into your yard within a week of receiving them. The cost includes FREE shipping for central & eastern United States. Tax is separate. For more information on various types of grass, go to Sod & click on the blue title of whichever grass you would like to consider. For continuity, it is recommended to use the same grass variety you already have in your yard.

Item # PL009
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