Empire Zoysia Sod 

Sod, Empire Zoysia Sod

catalog # S001

Empire Zoysia is our most popular grass sold in Florida presently due to its soft-to-the-touch feel, lush green color, tight blade growth, thick root structure and resistance to chinch bugs. Its resilience accommodates a variety of activity without suffering excessive wear and tear. It is more drought tolerant than other Zoysia grasses and requires less maintenance, mowing, and watering than most warm weather grasses. Originally developed in Brazil, Empire Zoysia thrives in harsh tropical climates, yet also exhibits cold hardiness. This grass is used on golf courses, theme parks, planned communities, and commercial areas. Empire Zoysia sod is delivered on pallets each containing sod or rolls which provide 400 square foot of ground coverage. The BEST PRICE is given when ordering 4 or more pallets. Shipping is FREE to any address in Florida. Sales tax is additional. A service representative will contact you to arrange a delivery day.

Item # S001
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