Floratam St. Augustine Sod 

Sod, Floratam St. Augustine Sod

catalog # S004

Floratam is one of the most common, standard turf grasses in Florida. Developed by Florida and Texas Agricultural Stations, Floratam St. Augustine is specifically designed for hot, humid climates. This turf thrives in direct sunlight and provides an attractive, plush looking lawn. It has a dark blue-green hue, and long, wide leaf blades. It grows best in areas with mild winter weather. Floratam St. Augustine sod or rolls are delivered on pallets each containing 400 square foot of ground coverage. The BEST PRICE is given when ordering 4 or more pallets. Shipping is FREE to any address in Florida. Sales tax is additional. A service representative will contact you to arrange a delivery day.

Item # S004
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