Celebration Bermuda Sod 

Sod, Celebration Bermuda Sod

catalog # S007

Celebration Bermuda is a hybrid Bermuda grass developed especially for athletic applications, such as golf courses, football fields, soccer fields and other high traffic areas where. This also makes it a favorite of home owners, especially those with children or pets that play for hours every day in the yard. It is drought and disease resistant with minimal maintenance requirements and tolerates low mowing. If the soil conditions are right, it can survive with only 1/2" irrigation per week. Celebration Bermuda sod or rolls are delivered on pallets which provide 400 square foot of ground coverage. The BEST PRICE is given when ordering 4 or more pallets. Shipping is FREE to any address in Florida. Sales tax is additional. A service representative will contact you to arrange a delivery day.

Item # S007
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