Monthly Nutritional Program - 6000 sq. ft. 

Fertilizer, Monthly Nutritional Program - 6000 sq. ft.
catalog # Fert612

Proactively treat your lawn monthly with the right products needed to keep it in optimal health all through the year! The first week of every month, you will receive a nutritional product ideally prepared to meet your lawns nutritional needs. Simply attach the COMPLIMENTARY refillable, ready-to-use applicator to your garden hose and walk through the yard, spraying side to side to wet the turf. Its that simple to have a healthy lawn! Rinse and save the applicator to disburse nutritional product each month. This service provides coverage up to 6000 square feet. We also have other plans for yards up to 4000 square feet or up to 8000 square feet. Your card will be charged on the first of the month and your product will be sent right to your home via UPS so you never forget to order. If you ever need to discontinue the program, simply call (352) 568-8876 a month ahead to have the service suspended. Also makes a fantastic gift!

Item # Fert612
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