This program is a foliar applied liquid program designed for homeowner use.
Considered an annual program, homeowners are shipped a specific product once a month to be applied at the time of delivery in order to meet their turf nutritional requirements. Products will be shipped directly to your home with instructions for application.

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Although this is an annual program and is a 12 month commitment, the customer will only be billed monthly for the product shipped.

All first-time customers of the recurringl nutritional program will be sent a refillable, complimentary, ready-to-use garden hose attachment which functions as both a measuring cup and means of dispersing product easily with a garden hose.

Our program is built around the philosophy that a healthy soil grows a healthy plant! Therefore, the materials and products used are safe and include many natural materials that enhance the soils ability to provide a good healthy environment for turf to thrive. By applying plant food in small doses at short intervals to provide what the plant needs when it needs it, homeowners maintain a great looking lawn without excessive fertilizer use.

If you would like to purchase individual fertilizer products, please select from the drop-down list below.

Purchasing individual products does NOT enroll you in the annual program, so do not forget to add a hose-end sprayer to your purchase!